BTB Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Michael Barnes Senior Consultant (916) 227-3454
Melissa Bell Basic Course Certification Review Analyst (916) 227-5426
Mary Brendlen Scenario Analyst (916) 227-3900
Ralph Brown Senior Consultant (916) 227-3467
Philip Caporale Senior Consultant (916) 227-2519
April Crume Senior Consultant (916) 227-3935
Scott Loggins Bureau Chief (916) 227-4261
Paula Mendenhall Staff Services Manager (916) 227-4260
Lon Ramlan Senior Consultant (916) 227-4820
Cheryl Smith Assistant Basic Course Coordinator (916) 227-0544
Luanne Vasquez Basic Course Waiver and Requalification Analyst (916) 227-4254

BTB Functions

Contact BTB at (916) 227-4252

Topic Bureau Contact
Academy Director / Coordinator Workshop Michael Barnes / Cheryl Smith / Paula Mendenhall
Background Investigations (PC 830) Requalification / Three-Year Rule Luanne Vasquez / Paula Mendenhall
Basic Course Certification Review (BCCR) Melissa Bell / Ralph Brown / Paula Mendenhall
Basic Course Consortium Michael Barnes / Cheryl Smith / Paula Mendenhall
Basic Course Instructional System Cheryl Smith
Basic Training Academies Micahel Barnes
Becoming a Peace Officer Micahel Barnes
California Academy Directors' Association (CADA) Michael Barnes / Scott Loggins
Exemplary Peace Officer Training Manual Michael Barnes
Ethics / Integrity Basic Training Michael Barnes
Field Training Guide April Crume
Field Training Officer (FTO) Course April Crume
Force and Safety Unit Michael Barnes
Investigation and Trial Preparation Course April Crume
Learning Domains (Basic Course)
- Content/Update of Student Workbooks
Cheryl Smith
Learning Domains (Basic Course)
- Training and Testing Specifications
Cheryl Smith
Order Student Workbooks - Cheryl Smith
PC 832 Arrest and Firearms Course
- Content
Lon Ramlan
PC 832 Arrest and Firearms Course
- Requalification
Lon Ramlan / Luanne Vasquez / Paula Mendenhall
Problem-Based Learning (PBL) April Crume
Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) April Crume
Public Safety Dispatcher Course April Crume
Public Safety Dispatcher Instructor Development Course Training Program Services
Recruit Training Officer Course Michael Barnes / Cheryl Smith / Paula Mendenhall
Requalification / Three-Year Rule
- Agencies
- Exemption to Requalification or Three-Year Break
Luanne Vasquez /Paula Mendenhall
Regular Basic Course
- Curriculum Content
Michael Barnes / Cheryl Smith
Regular Basic Course
- Modular Format
Lon Ramlan / Paula Mendenhall
Requalification Course Luanne Vasquez / Paula Mendanhall
Scenario Workshops Michael Barnes / Mary Brendlen
School Police Training / Campus Law Enforcement Course April Crume
Skills Testing
- Chemical Agents/Firearms
- Defensive Tactics: Arrest / Impact
- Vehicle Operations
Michael Barnes
Specialized Investigator Basic Course (SIBC)
- Content
Scott Loggins / Paula Mendenhall
Specialized Investigator Basic Course (SIBC)
- Requalification
Luanne Vasquez / Paula Mendenhall
Specialized Investigator Basic Course (SIBC)
- Waiver Process
Luanne Vasquez / Paula Mendenhall
Training and Testing Specifications for Peace Officer Basic Courses Cheryl Smith
Use of Force Michael Barnes
Waiver Process - Basic Course (BCW)
Basic Course Waiver Exam (BCWE)
Luanne Vasquez / Paula Mendenhall