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Contact your local law enforcement agency training office for information on proper Telecourse facilitation.

CPT Credit for Telecourse Training

Telecourses are eligible for Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credits if facilitated by a POST-certified Telecourse Presenter. Certified presenters of POST Advanced Officer courses and Skills and Knowledge Modular training courses may use Telecourses as part of their training programs.

To determine if your agency is eligible for Telecourse training and is registered as a POST-certified Telecourse Presenter, view the Certified Telecourse Presenter List (pdf). Only agencies in the California POST Program are eligible for this certification. If your agency is not listed as a POST-certified Telecourse Presenter, contact the POST Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau at (916) 227-4866 or the Course Control Coordinator at (916) 227-4866.

  • Agencies using Telecourses for CPT credit must abide by POST Telecourse Certification Conditions (pdf).
  • POST-certified Telecourse Presenters should document all Telecourse attendance via the POST EDI system.
  • Telecourse DVDs are copy-protected and cannot be duplicated; additional DVDs may be ordered via the Video Catalog.