Field Training Program Guide

The POST Field Training Program (FTP) model provides comprehensive guidelines and structured learning content to facilitate newly assigned peace officers transitioning from an academic setting to field training, where they gain hands-on experience forming the foundation of their career.

Each section of the Guide (see Contents below) and each training component of the FTP (see Part IV below) can be viewed on screen or downloaded. Part III of the Guide describes the application process.

All POST participating agencies employing peace officers MUST submit the POST-Approved FTP Application - Form 2-229 (pdf) along with all support documentation (Field Training Program Package). The FTP Approval Checklist - Form 2-230 (pdf) is used by POST staff when reviewing agency programs, and is highly recommended for use by agencies when developing their programs.


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  • Copyright
  • Commissioners
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of Contents

Part I. Program Orientation

  • Field Training Overview
  • Field Training Program Elements
  • Roles/Expectations of Trainees
  • Roles/Expectations of Field Training Officers
  • Roles/Expectations of FTP SAC

Part II.  Evaluation, Documentation and Remediation

  • Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation Documents
  • Remedial Training and Strategies

Part III.  Field Training Program Packages

Part IV.  POST Field Training Program

Part V. COPS Police Training Program (PBL/PTO)

Part VI. Appendices (Sample Reports and Forms)