MCLD Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Tricia Chisum Senior Consultant (916) 227-3916
Mike Davies Senior Consultant (916) 227-4892
Melanie Dunn Office Technician (916) 227-3908
Joe Gutierrez Senior Consultant (916) 227-2824
Veronica Hagen Bureau Secretary (916) 227-4800
Kathy Hobson Associate Analyst (916) 227-3911
Dave Hoig Senior Consultant (916) 227-0475
Greg Kyritsis Senior Consultant (916) 227-2822
Joe Sampson Senior Consultant (916) 227-4806
Don Shingara Senior Consultant (916) 227-2510
Nani Vang Bureau Secretary (916) 227-2821

MCLD Functions

Contact MCLD at (916) 227- 4800

Topic Bureau Contact
Command College
- Application
- Brochure
- Certificate
- Graduation
- Independent Study Project
- Papers, Request for
- Questions
- Reimbursement for Students
Mike Davies / Melanie Dunn
Executive Development Course Mike Davies / Melanie Dunn
Feasibility Studies, Peace Officer (PC 13540) Veronica Hagen
Field Management Training (FMT) - Ref PAM D-9 Kathy Hobson
Law Enforcement Evidence and Property Agency Self Evaluation Guide Veronica Hagen / Kathy Hobson
Law Enforcement Evidence and Property Management Guide Veronica Hagen / Kathy Hobson
Law Enforcement Records Management Guide Veronica Hagen / Kathy Hobson
Management Course Greg Kyritsis
Management Studies

- Organizational Reviews
- Patrol Workload Studies
- Property and Evidence Reviews
- Shift Schedules and Deployment
- Staffing Patterns Reviews
- Records Systems Reviews

Veronica Hagen
Narcotics Policy for Executives Seminar Mike Davies
Newly Elected Sheriffs Seminar Greg Kyritsis / Melanie Dunn
Regional Police Executives Workshops / Executive Seminars Greg Kyritsis / Melanie Dunn
School-Based Public Safety Program Greg Kyritsis
Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI)
- Application
- Certificate
- Graduation
- Questions
Joe Gutierrez / Nani Vang
Supervisory Course Tricia Chisum
Team Building Workshop (TBW) Kathy Hobson
Police Chief-City Manager Team Development Seminars Kathy Hobson
Worker's Compensation / Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Course Greg Kyritsis