POST Projects

POST Information Technology (IT) staff are engaged in a number of automation efforts which may of be of interest to you. The purpose of these Project Blogs is to facilitate direct contact with POST's designated IT Project Leader.

Communication is best if it is two-way.  With these blogs, each Project Leader will discuss important and current issues relevant to their projects, and you will be able to respond with ideas or questions of your own. The blogs are viewable to anyone accessing the POST Website, but to respond to a blog, you will need to enter your POST ID.  All of the comments submitted will be moderated by the Project Leaders.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an ongoing project to provide authorized users with access to the POST database to report and receive information on personnel actions, training attendance, compliance, and POST-certified courses.  The current projects within EDI are the automation of POST professional certificates, which is expected to be online by early 2013, and many continuous improvements to existing EDI functions.

Testing Replacement System

The Testing Replacement Project is POST’s long-term effort to improve law enforcement training computer-based testing throughout California.  The first phase of this project, which will be rolled out in the first half of 2014, will replace the current Testing Management and Assessment System (TMAS) with an online secure testing system.  Follow-on work will include other test components such as Scenario scoring, Reading/Writing, and Firearms.


The proposed e-Workbooks – interactive, multimedia versions of the POST Student Workbooks – would provide students with a more effective learning experience, more timely content updates, and a more cost-efficient way for them to obtain the workbooks.