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Section E - Reimbursement Procedures
Commission Procedure E-3

Reimbursement Rates


3‑1. Commission Procedure E-3

This procedure describes the reimbursement rates approved by the Commission.

3-2. Maximum Reimbursement Rates

The maximum amounts reimbursed for approved expense categories are the following:

Expense Reimbursement Rate
Back-Fill Reimbursement 100% actual salary cost at overtime rate: time and one-half
Basic Course Subsistence $50.00 per day
Commuter Lunch $8.00 per day
Subsistence allowance - by location where expense occurred
  • All counties not shown below
$128.00 per day
  • Alameda County
$189.00 per day
  • Los Angeles County
$156.00 per day
  • San Diego County
$156.00 per day
  • San Francisco County
$189.00 per day
  • San Mateo County
$189.00 per day
  • Santa Clara County
$189.00 per day
Travel Go to for current mileage rate
Tuition 100% or as listed in POST Catalog of Certified Courses

3-3. Rates Established Annually

The Commission may annually establish the reimbursement rates for the categories of expenses approved for the reimbursement plans.  These reimbursement rates remain in effect unless modified by Commission action.

3.4. Notification of Reimbursement Rate

The Commission will notify departments participating in the POST Reimbursement Program of any changes to these rates.