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Section E - Reimbursement Procedures
Commission Procedure E-5

Instructions for Completion of the Training Reimbursement Form Request


5‑1. Commission Procedure E‑5

This Commission Procedure provides line‑by‑line instructions for completion of the Training Reimbursement Request, POST form 2-273.

5‑2. When to Complete the POST 2‑273 Form

This form must be completed when a participating reimbursable agency requests reimbursement for an employee(s) attending a POST‑certified course.  The form should be completed prior to the trainee(s) attending the course, and presented to the course coordinator/instructor on or before the first day of training.

5‑3. Instructions for Completion of POST 2‑273

The Training Reimbursement Request form must be completed in its entirety.  Instructions for completing each section follow:

(a) Agency

Enter the name of the participating reimbursable agency submitting the request for reimbursement.

(b) Certified Course Title

Enter the certified course title.  The certified course title must be the same as shown in the Certified Course Catalog, Commission Procedure D of the POST Administrative Manual.  The certified course title may be obtained from the course presenter.  Do not depend on brochures or other course advertisements as the source for certified course titles.

(c) Course Control Number

Enter the course control number.  The course control number may be obtained from the course presenter.

(d) Name of Trainee(s)

Enter the last name first, followed by the first name and middle initial.

(e) Social Security Number

Enter the trainee’s social security number.  This number will be used on appropriate POST records as a reliable identifier.

(f) Trainee Status

For each trainee, check the most applicable box indicating the trainee's status.  Brief definitions of each status follow:

Peace Officer - An employee subject to assignment of the prevention and detection of crime and the general enforcement of the criminal laws of this state.

Reserve Officer - An individual appointed as a Level I, II, or III Reserve Officer under the authority of Section 832.6 of the Penal Code.

Dispatcher - A non-peace officer who performs duties which include receiving emergency calls for law enforcement service and/or dispatching law enforcement personnel.

Non-Peace Officer - Is a civilian, non-sworn employee. (See dispatcher, if more applicable).

(g) Resident Trainee

Place an "X" in this column if the trainee, while attending the course, takes lodging and meals at or near the course site for the entire duration of the course.

Note: A trainee not meeting all the conditions of the resident trainee definition and who resides for only a portion of the course, must be shown as a commuter trainee.

(h) Commuter Trainee

Place an "X" in this column if the trainee will travel daily between his or her department, or normal residence, and the course site.

(i) Transportation

Place an “X” in the appropriate column indicating the mode of transportation used.

Place an “X” in “Driver of Vehicle” column if the trainee is the driver of a private, agency, or rental vehicle used for transportation to and from the training site.

Place an “X” in “Passenger in Vehicle” column if the trainee was a passenger in, not the driver of, a private, agency, rental vehicle.  If driving was shared by one or more trainees, indicate only one trainee as the driver.

Place an “X” in “Other” column if any other mode of transportation, such as commercial air travel, was used.

(j) Allowance Requested

This section is to be completed to indicate whether subsistence, commuter lunch, and/or travel reimbursement is requested.  An “X” mark in a column indicates that the agency will pay those associated expenses to or for the trainee.  Place an “X” in the appropriate columns for which reimbursement is requested.

(k) Station Assigned other than Headquarters

For an agency having more than one station where personnel are assigned, identify the sub‑station of assignment in this column.

(l) Signature and Title of Authorized Official

Legal and other provisions require that an authorized person properly sign the completed Training Reimbursement Request form.  The authorized official of the department or jurisdiction must sign his or her full name and title.  If a signature stamp is used, or if someone is authorized to sign for the department head, the person affixing the stamp or signing must also sign his or her name in full.

(m) Name of Person Completing Form

Enter the name of the person completing the form.

(n) Telephone Number

Enter the complete telephone number, including area code and extension number, of the person to contact regarding questions on the form.

(o) Date

Enter the date this form was completed.