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Evidence and Property Studies and Special Assignments Bureau

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Bureau Overview

The Evidence-Property Studies and Special Assignments Bureau, (EPSSA), assists law enforcement by conducting studies of agencies’ evidence and property functions and storage facilities, and advising agency heads of the best practices for safely and securely storing and tracking evidence and property items. The agencies can then incorporate the best practices into codified policies and procedures to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their respective evidence and property functions. EPSSA also assists with securing mandatory and ancillary training for POST personnel, and conducts special projects as needed.

EPSSA Services

Request an Evidence and Property Study

This study involves a review and analysis of an agency’s evidence and property function, including the following:  a review of agency written directives, organization, personnel, training, documentation and forms, safety, security, storage, evidence and property handling procedures, audits, inventories, inspections, and evidence and property disposition and purging.  The results/findings of the evidence and property function study will be documented in a written report that will be submitted to the agency head.

Request an Evidence and Property Study from POST

Professional Certificates Program

Professional Certificate Program fosters education, training, and professionalism in law enforcement; raises the level of competence of law enforcement officers; and fosters cooperation between the Commission, its clients, and individuals. The Commission, through the Certificates Unit, awards Professional Certificates comprised of the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Supervisory, Management, Executive, Reserve Officer, Dispatcher, and Records Supervisor certificates for individuals appointed by agencies in the POST Program. These certificates recognize achievement in education, training, and experience.

Questions about the POST Professional Certificate Program may be directed to the Certificates Unit at (916) 227-4253. There are also Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which may be helpful.