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Recruit Training Officer (RTO) Orientation Program

Commission Regulation 1071(b) requires all Recruit Training Officers (part time or full time) complete the POST Recruit Training Officer Orientation Program. The Recruit Training Officer (RTO) Orientation Program video should be used as a tool when facilitating orientation for Recruit Training Officers.

The video interactions are based on a course that practices a high level of discipline. Each presenter should clearly explain their expectations regarding recruit stress and discipline.

Full time and part time RTO's shall observe the Recruit Training Officer Orientation Program video and upon completion, the Academy Director, Coordinator or Modular Format Coordinator will meet with the RTO to discuss the presenter’s expectations for RTO behavior, recruit discipline, etc.

Each presenter was given a minimum of two DVDs titled Recruit Training Officer Orientation. If additional copies are needed please contact the Basic Training Bureau at (916) 227-4252.

Upon completion of the orientation program, the presenter will submit a course roster for the training. Use the course control number: (your agency)-29000-(fiscal year)-237. As with any class roster, submit into EDI within 10 calendar days following successful completion of the orientation program. Completion of the roster ensures course credit on the Recruit Training Officer's profile.

Documentation of the training shall be maintained at the presenter's location for compliance verification during the Basic Course Certification Review (BCCR).

NOTE: In addition to the above requirement, full time RTOs are required to attend the Recruit Training Officer Course within one year of appointment.