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Regulations 1003. Employment Status Notifications

(a) Employment Status Notification Requirements

(1) Peace Officers, Reserve Peace Officers, Public Safety Dispatchers, and Records Supervisors

The employing department shall submit a Notice of Appointment/Termination, POST 2-114 (Rev 02/2013) to POST within 30 days, via the POST Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system when personnel actions listed below occur.

The Notice of Appointment/Termination (NOAT) form may be mailed to POST if the department is not registered for EDI access.  The NOAT, POST 2-114 (Rev 02/2013) is herein incorporated by reference.

(A) Appointment and Termination Actions

(B) Name changes as a result of a marriage, a divorce, or a legal name change

(C) Rank/Status Changes that involve promotions and demotions

(b) Employment Status Notification Changes

(1) Incorrectly Submitted Transactions

When a transaction is incorrectly submitted through the EDI system, an authorized department employee shall contact POST within 14 days.  The correction can be made telephonically through the EDI staff.  After 14 days, a NOAT form and a written justification for the correction shall be sent to POST requesting the change.

(2) Reinstatements

When the department has terminated a person, but the person has been mandatorily reinstated, the department shall notify POST in writing within 30 days of the change in personnel action.  The department head shall submit a hard copy NOAT form indicating a correction to record, along with a copy of the official reinstatement documentation.

(c) Disqualification Notification Requirements

(1) Investigating Department

Whenever peace officer or former peace officer is adjudged guilty of a felony offense, or for any other reason specified in Government Code section 1029 that disqualifies the individual from being employed as a peace officer.  POST shall be notified in writing within 30 days of the final disposition.

(A) If the individual is currently employed as a peace officer, the employing department shall notify POST of the final disposition.

(B) If the individual is a former peace officer, the law enforcement department responsible for the investigation shall notify POST of the final disposition.

(2) Documentation

The written notification shall be sent on department letterhead and include:

(A) Name of the peace officer or former peace officer

(B) Disqualification reason pursuant to Government Code section 1029

(C) Case number

(D) Name of the adjudicating court

(E) Date of adjudication

(F) Copy of the official documentation substantiating the disqualification (i.e., settlement agreement, civil service agreement or court order showing the parties involved in the action, summary of action page that states the action to be taken by the agency, the page of the court order bearing the official signature(s), and the conclusion)

(G) Law enforcement department responsible for investigation


Note: Authority cited: Section 13506, Penal Code. Reference: Sections 13512 and 13510.3, Penal Code.


(Revised 03/28/2017)

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