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Regulation 1055. Requirements for Course Presentation

(a) Term of Certification

Course certification shall be made on a fiscal year basis, subject to annual review.  A course shall be certified for a specific number of presentations during a fiscal year. It shall be subject to the restrictions or stipulations specified by POST.

(b) Certification Non-Transferable

A course that has been certified is valid for presentation only by the presenter receiving the certification and is not transferable to another presenter.

(c) Publicity

A certified course, if publicized, must use the exact title as certified by POST.  No course may be publicized prior to course certification.  The POST certification number shall be shown on all materials being publicized.  Presenters shall clearly indicate on any course announcements, brochures, bulletins, or publications that POST has certified the individual course offering.

(d) Course Presentation Request

A course presentation request shall be submitted to POST via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System for each proposed course presentation.  POST must receive the course presentation request at least 30 calendar days prior to the course presentation.

The Course Presentation Request submitted via EDI shall consist of the following information:

(1) Course certification number

(2) Certified course title/skills and knowledge module title

(3) Course presenter

(4) Address where training will be presented

(5) Course presentation starting date and time and ending date and time

(6) Total number of training days

(7) Maximum enrollment

(8) Tuition

(9) Driver training fee

(10) For travel required for off-site course instruction: Whether transportation is furnished by trainee/other, number of miles to other site from original site (round trip), number of required trips.

(11) Second course site

(e) Limitations on Course Enrollments

The Commission shall designate the maximum number of students who may attend each course during a fiscal year.

(f) Cheating

As defined in Regulation 1001, cheating and cheating in basic courses shall not be tolerated in any POST-certified course.  Students, trainees, peace officer trainees, course presenters, and employee/volunteers (e.g., proctors or agents of POST) who engage in cheating will be subject to sanctions which may include dismissal and possible civil prosecution.

All incidents of “cheating” and “cheating in basic courses” will be investigated by the training presenter and reported to the Commission for review within 10 calendar days of discovery of the incident.

The report of the incident investigation shall include the:

(1)  Course certification number

(2)  Certified course title

(3)  Course presenter

(4)  The name(s) of the individual(s) involved

(5)  Date, time and location

(6)  Circumstances

(7)  Results of the investigation

(8)  Disposition

(g) Required Documents to Submit upon Completion of Presentation

A completed Course Roster, POST 2-111 (Rev 02/2015) shall be prepared and submitted to the Commission after completion of each certified course presentation.  The following documents shall accompany each Course Roster:

(1) Any Training Reimbursement Requests, POST 2-273 (Rev 04/2015) that are provided to the presenter by trainees, and

(2) A written statement from the course coordinator explaining how a trainee successfully completed the course, but missed more than five percent of the certified hours of all basic training courses, PAM Sections D-1-1 and D-10 or ten percent of the certified hours of any other POST-certified course.

All documents must be submitted to the Commission no later than 10 calendar days following the ending date of the presentation.  Subsequent to submission of these documents, the coordinator shall contact the Commission about needed corrections.

(h) Retention of Certification Documents

For any POST-certified course, a current copy of the documents required by Regulation 1053(a) and (b) must be kept on file at the presenter's facility for inspection by POST.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 13503 and 13506, Penal Code. Reference: Section 13503(e), Penal Code.


(Revised 03/28/2017)

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