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High Visibility Personal Protective Equipment 
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April 21, 2016

It is proven that wearing high visibility apparel while managing traffic incident scenes saves lives and reduces injuries, it is also the law. Unfortunately for law enforcement officers, donning high visibility apparel for an incident can be inconvenient and time consuming. This especially applies to motorcycle units that are involved in an escort or motorcade where the officers are rapidly deploying to control intersections, then redeploying back into facilitated movement. A solution for this is as simple as high visibility apparel designed to fit the unique needs of a motor officer.  While it is hard to let go of the impressive appearance of a law enforcement motorcycle escort/motorcade in Class A uniforms, the focus on improved safety of the operation and for each individual participating in the operation would be worth it. After all, there is no greater irony or tragedy than a funeral escort or memorial ride in which an officer is injured or killed because someone did not see them.

Boston PD and High Visibility Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - taking pride in safety first.

Boston PD and High Visibility Personal Protective EquipmentFederal law requires officers operating on the roadway in a temporary traffic control zone to wear high visibility apparel, and in some states OSHA also requires this of public sector employees. Sanctions and fines can be imposed against an agency for failure to provide officers with high visibility apparel, and for good reason, because many officers are killed or injured every year because motorists did not see them.

Interested in learning more about the statutory requirements, risks, and solutions for policy, equipment, physical routine, and perception issues for high visibility apparel? offers a free one hour online training module specifically for law enforcement that includes testing and a certificate of completion.

In “What Doesn’t See You Can Kill You,” Dale Stockton, executive director of Below 100, provides additional insight on this topic. 


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