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Law Enforcement Driver Deaths for 2015

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The Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) serves as a national memorial to law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives in the line of duty.  For every fallen officer, the ODMP records a brief summary of the events.

According to the website, during the first 14 weeks of 2015, there were 10 law enforcement officers whose deaths were a result of a vehicle collision in which they were a driver.  The officers were engaged in the following activities just prior to their fatal collisions:

  • Responding to calls for service - 3
  • Attempting to make a traffic stop - 1
  • Vehicle pursuit - 1
  • Transporting prisoners - 1
  • En route to training - 1
  • Participating in a funeral procession - 1
  • No reported activity – 2

The variety of driving activities these officers were involved in leading up to their deaths provide sad and powerful testimonies that law enforcement driving has the potential to be fatal.  While not all collisions can be avoided, maintaining safe speeds, minimizing distractions, and getting enough rest are precautions that can reduce their likelihood.  When a collision is unavoidable, wearing a seatbelt can lessen the severity of injuries and greatly increase a driver’s chance of surviving.


Wear your seatbelt, watch your speed, and practice SAFE driving!

The SAFE Driving Campaign is a POST initiative focused on reducing fatal and serious injury law enforcement traffic collisions nationwide.  For further information regarding the SAFE Driving Campaign, visit the SAFE Driving Campaign on the POST Website or contact:

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