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The 5 Tenets of Below 100

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The SAFE Driving Campaign has joined forces with several outstanding organizations in its efforts to reduce fatal and serious injury law enforcement traffic collisions nationwide.  One of those “beat partners” is Below 100.

Below 100 is an initiative to reduce line-of-duty deaths to fewer than one hundred per year - a goal that has not been seen since 1944.  Line-of-duty deaths reached a high of 279 in 1974 and have averaged more than 150 per year over the last decade.  The Below 100 initiative is led by the team at Law Officer Magazine, with support from outside sponsors.  Dale Stockton, editor of Law Officer Magazine and founder of Below 100, serves as a member of the SAFE Driving Campaign Advisory Board.

Below 100 emphasizes a common sense approach.  By concentrating on the areas of loss that are most susceptible to change (e.g. - use of safety equipment and enhanced situational awareness), Below 100 seeks to serve as an instrument of law enforcement cultural transformation and improved operational practices.

The 5 Tenets of Below 100

  1. Wear Your Belt - Seatbelts save lives, wear them.
  2. Wear Your Vest - Body armor, wear it always, period.
  3. Watch Your Speed - Unsafe speed is the leading cause of law enforcement fatal and injury collisions.
  4. WIN - What’s Important Now? - Prioritize what’s most important and avoid the distractions that can get you in trouble, hurt, or killed.
  5. Remember: Complacency Kills! -  “Complacency is among the most dangerous and insidious threats we face because it lays us open to all others.”

Below 100 recognizes that awareness and training are key.  Trainers and organizational leaders must be the change agents in pursuit of this important and achievable goal.

The SAFE Driving Campaign is pleased to have teamed up with a great “beat partner” in Below 100.  For more information on Below 100 and related resources visit the Below 100 Website.

Wear your seatbelt, watch your speed, and practice SAFE driving!

The SAFE Driving Campaign is a POST initiative focused on reducing fatal and serious injury law enforcement traffic collisions nationwide.  For further information regarding the SAFE Driving Campaign, visit the SAFE Driving Campaign on the POST Website or contact:

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