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Three Words We Must Eliminate

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Three Words We Must Eliminate Have you ever wondered why so many officers are killed in “single” vehicle collisions? Or why so many are killed or seriously injured while “responding” to assist another officer? How about the number of officers “ejected” from their vehicle because they were not wearing a seatbelt? These are questions every one of us in law enforcement should be asking. Those three words - single, responding, and ejected – have become a troubling trend in officer vehicle deaths.

Tulsa (OK) Police Department Captain Travis Yates, a member of the SAFE Driving Campaign, has written a provocative and insightful article on “Three words we must eliminate from 'officer down' reports.”

Wear your seatbelt, watch your speed, and practice SAFE driving!

The SAFE Driving Campaign is a POST initiative focused on reducing fatal and serious injury law enforcement traffic collisions nationwide.  For further information regarding the SAFE Driving Campaign, visit the SAFE Driving Campaign on the POST Website or contact:

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