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Driving Under Pressure

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Do you ever wonder if your duty weapon is loaded prior to your shift?  The answer should be an emphatic “NO!” because you conduct a visual and manipulative inspection of your firearm at the beginning of each shift.  It is high on your safety checklist since you appreciate the security and confidence of knowing that your weapon is loaded and ready to fire when you need it the most.

Where on your safety checklist is personally inspecting your police vehicle’s tires?  When tires are in good condition, they are less likely to experience blow-outs.  Proper tire pressure improves your vehicle’s ability to perform turns, thereby minimizing the likelihood of a devastating accident while either in hot pursuit, or driving Code 3.  Your life and safety could depend on the condition of your tires, so adding a few minutes to your daily routine to inspect them is a sound safety practice.

Driving expert, Dave Storton, wrote an informative article, “Driving Under Pressure,” where he discusses tire pressure and performance, and dispels the myths of over-inflation. Please take a moment to review the article's recommendations.

Wear your seatbelt, watch your speed, and practice SAFE driving!

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