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POST Training Videos FAQs

California POST delivers high-quality, in-service and specialized training videos to law enforcement agencies in the California POST program. POST training videos are designed to assist law enforcement training managers and instructors in meeting specific training needs or legislative mandates for their agency. Full-length POST-certified videos are divided into short, roll-call length segments that may be presented over multiple training sessions for Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credit.

DVDs Now Online as Streaming Videos

POST has converted 100 titles from its training video collection from DVD disc to online streaming on the POST Learning Portal. All new POST videos are now released online as streaming videos. 

POST has released several new videos within the last year:

  • Dispatcher Wellness
  • Introduction to EDI
  • Crowd Management
  • Positional Asphyxia Legal Update
  • Basic Course Report Writing Scenarios
  • Under the Influence (Drugs)
  • Initial Response to Sexual Assault
  • Did You Know? Duty to Intercede
  • Did You Know? Officer Wellness

Finding Available Videos

Agencies may access POST videos online at the POST Learning Portal. Available training videos are listed online at the POST Multimedia Course Catalog and the POST Learning Portal Video Catalog. POST Learning Portal users have immediate access to all full-length training videos, plus additional special or limited-release videos. View the list of all Video Programs Now Streaming Online.  Videos are free of charge for California POST agencies.

Video Program Guides

All POST full-length training videos feature a companion Program Guide This single-page PDF document provides the presenter with a summary of the program and shows the video segments and other contents. Notations about the release date, ID number, CPT credit, viewing options, and other video program information are also included.

Other Guides and Support Documents

Most full-length POST training videos produced after July 2012 feature printable facilitator and trainee documents. These “Facilitator's Guide” and “Participant's Guide" (or "Student Study Guide”) support documents are available at the POST Learning Portal or on the original DVD disc.

Enhanced Training Video Format

The newer generation of POST training videos (July 2012 or newer) provide enhanced features for facilitators and individual trainees that include set-up questions, sample training facilitation sessions/demonstrations, and interviews with subject matter resources that clarify and reiterate important teaching points. Two viewing modes are now offered: “Facilitated Group Course” or “Informational/Individual Viewing.” Additional "how to" instructions for facilitation and obtaining CPT credit are included.

Special “Did You Know?” Informational Videos

The Did You Know? video series features short, high-impact vignettes that inform and remind officers to always be vigilant in the delivery of exceptional police services while ensuring safety for themselves, their peers, and the citizens they serve. These dynamic and engaging videos are perfect for roll call and other briefing or training settings. The complete collection of videos may be viewed and downloaded from the POST Learning Portal.

Check POST Course Catalog Prior to Using DVDs

Agency training managers who wish to present POST training videos released previously on DVD for CPT credit or to satisfy mandated training requirements must always check the POST Course Catalog to ensure that the training video DVD is still certified for use and is listed. Training videos that have been discontinued are removed from the POST Course Catalog and the POST Learning Portal.

Questions About Video Presentations, Documentation, and CPT Credit

Check with your POST Regional Consultant for assistance with questions about satisfying training requirements and mandates using POST videos, training video presenter certification, the POST Course Catalog and EDI system, how to report training video CPT credit, etc. Presenters should document all POST training video completions via POST Course Rosters within the POST EDI system . NOTE: Training videos viewed online at the Learning Portal do not automatically receive CPT credit and a POST Course Roster must be submitted separately (same procedure as DVD-based viewing). View Instructions for Training Video Course Rosters (pdf).

Questions About Video Distribution, Editorial Content

Contact the Learning Technology Resources Bureau for questions about video distribution, technical troubleshooting, or questions related to editorial content or printed resources for training videos.