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The POST Archive is a repository for POST work products and historical documents.  When Governor Pat Brown signed the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training into law in 1959,  POST became the the first agency of its kind in the nation.  The primary mission of the Archives is to identify and preserve documents of permanent value to the POST organization and to California law enforcement.

Access to the POST Archives

The main purpose of the POST Archives is to aid staff in the updating of job analysis, training materials, publications, and guidelines. The Archives include past versions of publications, white papers, and work products, in addition to various miscellaneous historical materials.  Paper materials in the Archives are not availalbe for circulation.  Upon request, paper documents will be scanned and provided electronically.

Archives, such as historical training materials, are available for use in court cases with a formal letter and/or a subpoena.

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Note: Index is currently being revised

Scope of POST Archives

Here are some examples of what we collect:

Included in POST Archives NOT Collected for POST Archives
  • Documents from the inception of POST
  • Historic and current POST publications
  • Newsletters and bulletins
  • POST Regulations
  • Commission Policy Manuals
  • Basic Training Learning Domains
  • Course requirements and guidelines
  • Commission Meeting Minutes
  • Annual reports and strategic plans
  • Command College and Master Instructor papers
  • POST symposium materials
  • Research studies
  • Reports on California law enforcement incidents and milestones in law enforcement
  • Scrapbooks, awards, memorabilia, advertisements, pamphlets, brochures, etc.
  • Electronic and paper documents
  • Correspondence
  • Rosters
  • EDI information
  • Certificates
  • Personal information of sworn officers
  • Student records or transcripts