Green Initiative

The POST Green Initiative is POST's internal effort to:

Reduce consumption of renewable and nonrenewable resources

POST is committed to decreased energy use.  We have implemented energy-saving policies at our headquarters, which include powering down all computer and office equipment during non-business hours.

Reduce environmental damage caused by travel

POST uses dedicated and Internet-based communication methods to reduce travel.  We regularly use teleconferencing to connect Commissioners, committee members, POST management, and staff throughout California.  Presentations are regularly delivered using Internet meeting technologies.  Annually, approximately 20,000 courses are completed via POST’s Learning Portal, eliminating travel for participants. 

Decrease costs associated with information distribution

POST is reducing paper mailings, allowing recipients to opt-in to electronic delivery.  POST now delivers nearly all field communication electronically:

  • Law Enforcement Employment Opportunities
  • POST Bulletins
  • POST Regulatory Actions
  • POST Monthly Reports
  • What's New
  • SAFE Driving Alerts

For more information on recycling opportunities please visit the CalRecycle Website.