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The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act

Proposition 47
Impact on Law Enforcement

On November 4, 2014, the voters of California passed Proposition 47 – The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.  This initiative added sections to the Government Code, amended and added sections to the Penal Code, and amended sections of the Health and Safety Code. These changes will have an impact on enforcement decisions by California peace officers and prosecutors.   

POST has gathered information from several sources throughout California to assist agencies to review and assess the Proposition.  This material was collected and intended for use by POST-participating agencies and academies for the purposes of clarifying California Proposition 47 language. The contributing entities have provided express written consent to republish their materials.

Read full POST Bulletin 2014-22 - Proposition 47 - The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act - Impact on Law Enforcement

The zip file contains all of the documents listed below: Download Zip File of All Documents (zip)