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POST Library Research Services

The POST Library and Research Center staff is available for custom research or consultation on projects. Typical requests may include: best practices, guidelines and protocols, budget and staffing issues, liability issues, laws and regulations, futures projects, and more.

To request research services from the POST Library and Research Center:

Scope of Research and Information Needed

A typical request might be a specific answer to a simple question, or a wide search on a general topic. You many need a few articles or an extensive search of all resources. What results would satisfy the request? Do you need articles, a list of contacts, case studies, law or regulations, a summary of results, or a brief report on a topic?

Purpose for Research and Audience

Why is this request being made and how will the information be used? Who is the audience? Let us know if you will be using the information for a class or to prepare for a meeting. You may need background information or want a specific answer for the field. It helps the researcher to know the purpose of the search.