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Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is POST accepting applications or having Open Enrollment? 

POST is currently NOT accepting any applications at this time.

Application deadline was October 13, 2017

The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) enrollment process has come to a close. Please look forward to hearing more about the next open enrollment process later this year.

Further inquiries may be directed to Nani Vang, POST SBSLI Coordinator, at (916) 227-2821.

2. How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted via the following methods:

1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system for those agencies having access.
2. U.S. Mail – Send application with original signatures and keep a copy for your file.
3. Delivered to the receptionist at POST Headquarters.
FAXED applications will NOT be accepted.

The SBSLI Application (doc) can be found on the POST Website.  It is the responsibility of training managers to retain on file a SBSLI Application complete with original signatures for each applicant, if applications are submitted through the EDI.

3. When will the EDI be available?

The EDI system will be closed until the next open enrollment period.

4. What are the minimum application requirements?

To be considered for SBSLI enrollment each applicant must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Is currently serving as a first-level supervisory peace officer (generally the position of sergeant).
  • Has completed two years of full-time experience supervising peace officer employees at the time that the application is submitted.
    • Must have Notice of Appointment on EDI showing two years of experience – the system will not accept their application without this.
    • Time served as an acting sergeant or as a corporal will not be accepted to make up part of the two year period.
  • Must be a peace officer. Correctional officers with 831 status are not allowed as they do not have a NOAT.
  • Has completed the POST Supervisory Course or has been awarded a POST Supervisory Certificate.  Agrees to remain in law enforcement for five (5) years after SBSLI graduation.

5. When will classes be held?

Classes are scheduled to start between April 2016 and March 2017, respectively. Applicants will be assigned by POST to one of these classes, so they should not apply if they will not be available to attend during this time period.

6. How many applications are accepted?

Only 500 applications for this round of 15 classes. More classes could be added if the need arises and funding becomes available. A maximum of five (5) applications per agency may be submitted. Applicants will be scheduled for classes based on a specific class mix.

7. What if POST receives too many applications?

If POST receives more than 500 applications, we will engage an alternate selection plan which will employ a fair and equitable way to reduce the number of applications per agency.

8. How do I obtain an EDI application?

EDI applications may be found at EDI Access Application (doc). Agencies may fax completed EDI applications to POST at the number indicated on the EDI application.

9. How do I log into EDI?

The EDI system is secure and is entered via a login name and password. Users must register in advance to receive permission to enter or view data since it is linked to the Peace Officer Database. If access was not previously applied for, you will need to complete the EDI Access Application (doc). Be advised that it takes time to be granted access. Registered users that are unable to enter the system, forgot their passwords, or are having difficulty navigating the system, should contact EDI Helpdesk at (916) 227-4357.

10. What are some common problems with submitting an application through EDI?

There are several possible reasons that an applicant may be listed as ineligible. The following are some situations and recommendations:

Incorrect Rank
Often, applicants are shown as not being qualified if the agency neglected to send a Notice of Appointment to POST upon promotion to the Sergeant rank. The POST database may still denote the rank of Officer or Deputy. The agency should check the profile of the individual to see if this is the case, and then submit a Notice of Appointment immediately to remedy the situation.

Incorrect Rank Date
It is also possible that the rank date for appointment to sergeant (or other qualified rank) may have been incorrectly entered. The profile for the individual should be checked to ensure it is correct. If it is not correct, please contact EDI Helpdesk at (916) 227-4357 to have it corrected.

Incorrect or Missing Basic Supervisory Course Roster
Completion of the Supervisory Course is indicated on POST rosters; however, occasionally a roster has not been received or student ID was incorrectly noted and credit for completion was recorded under another student’s ID. Agencies should check the applicant's training record to be sure that completion of the course is noted. Agencies that are able to update Notice of Appointment information via EDI may update the data as needed to correct discrepancies. Corrections will be accepted immediately and deemed valid. If corrections cannot be made, contact EDI Helpdesk at (916) 227-4357 for further help. If the data is correct, but the applicant is still listed as ineligible, contact Nani Vang at (916) 227-2821 as there may be a problem with the system.