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Student Workbooks

Regular Basic Course (RBC) Modular Format - Module III

Learning DomainDescriptionVersionVersion Updated
LD 00Becoming an Exemplary Peace OfficerVersion 1.1January 2009
LD 01Leadership, Professionalism, & EthicsVersion 5.4January 2018
LD 02Criminal Justice SystemVersion 6.4March 2017
LD 03Policing in the CommunityVersion 4.2March 2017
LD 05Introduction to Criminal LawVersion 5.5May 2014
LD 15Laws of ArrestVersion 4.10June 2017
LD 16Search and SeizureVersion 4.8June 2017
LD 17Presentation of EvidenceVersion 5.3April 2015
LD 18Investigative Report WritingVersion 3.2May 2015
LD 19Vehicle OperationsVersion 6.3February 2016
LD 20Use of ForceVersion 4.0March 2018
LD 28Traffic EnforcementVersion 6.2July 2016
LD 30Crime Scenes, Evidence and ForensicsVersion 4.2July 2016
LD 31CustodyVersion 6.3May 2016
LD 33Arrest and ControlVersion 4.1April 2014
LD 34First Aid and CPRVersion 6.1February 2017
LD 35Firearms/Chemical AgentsVersion 2.5May 2015
LD 36Information SystemsVersion 3.6March 2018
LD 39Crimes Against the Justice SystemVersion 5.4July 2016
LD 42Cultural Diversity/DiscriminationVersion 6.1July 2012

Version update: 2018-03-15