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TMAS II Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are planning to switch to TMAS II for our class starting in January of 2017.  Will we be using the 3-test format or the 29-exam layout? 

TMAS II will contain the 3-test format only. 

2. If I start the class in TMAS I, can they finish in TMAS II?

No. Student data cannot be transferred from TMAS I to TMAS II.

3. We will have a class starting in October and ending in July and plan to use TMAS I. Will I be able to schedule and score tests in July?

No. TMAS I will be retired June 30, 2017. You must make sure you have completed all instruction and testing prior to June 30, 2017 as TMAS I will no longer be available to schedule or grade tests after that date.

4. If there will not be any provisions made for classes ending after June 30, 2017 what should I do?

You could schedule all instruction that will require written tests early in the course and administer the tests prior to June 30, 2017.

5. Is anyone currently using or been certified to present the 3-test layout?

No. TMAS II will not be available until February 15, 2017.

6. Has anyone been certified to present the 3-test layout?

No agency has been certified for the 3-test layout.

7. When will the new tests first be available for use? 

TMAS II testing will be available February 15, 2017 

8. Can I administer all three tests at one time?

Yes.  Ensure all required curriculum has been covered 

9. If my system goes down, will I be able to print a test?

No. Printing of tests will not be allowed in TMAS II.  If your system should go down, you will have to reschedule the test. As there are only three tests, this should not be too much of an issue. 

10. What if I want to start my class in December using the February 15, 2017 TTS for the 3-test format?  

Contact the Basic Training Bureau and your area consultant. The typical course certification applies here as well.

11. In TMAS I, students have a test review does TMAS II include that option?

No.  Students will no longer be able to review the test items. There is an option in TMAS II to print a FAILED OBJECTIVES report.  This report will provide students and instructors with the subject area students may need additional instruction.

12. We assign laptops to students for report writing, reviewing workbooks and learning domains, and other classroom work but they belong to the presenter and will not be removed from the premises. Can students use these same laptops to take the POST tests if we use the POST provided USB jump drive?


13. What if my course is not certified?  Can I still enter my courses into TMAS II?

No.  You will not be able to access TMAS II without a valid course control number. TMAS II and EDI are linked to verify the course is certified.

14. We have a class starting in March 2017 that will end before June 30, 2017. Can we use TMAS I for this class?

NO. Due to TTS and regulation changes any new courses regardless of format presented on or after February 15, 2017 are required to use TMAS II. No exceptions.

15. I am trying to write the schedule for my class that will use TMAS II for testing. Does POST have a document outlining which Learning Domains are covered on each comprehensive test?

Yes. You can locate this information in the Training and Testing Specifications for Peace Officer Basic Courses by accessing the minimum hourly requirements for each basic course.