TPS Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Tamara Baarts Special Consultant (916) 227-7357
David Cheng Analyst (916) 227-4855
Steven Craig Senior Consultant (916) 227-5562
April Crume Senior Consultant (916) 227-3935
Charles Evans Senior Consultant (916) 227-3902
Eddie Freyer Senior Consultant (916) 227-4887
Brenda Lusk Contract Officer (916) 227-4853
Rosanna McKinney Analyst (916) 227-3897
Janna Munk Senior Consultant 916-227-0473
Dan Toomey Special Consultant (916) 227-4828
Ngoc Tran Bureau Secretary (916) 227-4885
Robert Ziglar Bureau Chief (916) 227-4829

​TPS Functions

Contact TPS at (916) 227- 4885

Topic Bureau Contact
Cultural Awareness/Diversity Courses Charles Evans
Domestic Violence Eddie Freyer
Driver Training Study Janna Munk
Elder Abuse Eddie Freyer
Emergency Vehicle Operations Committee (EVOC) Janna Munk
Force and Safety Janna Munk
Hate Crimes Guidelines, Policy and Training Charles Evans
Human Trafficking Eddie Freyer
Interrogation Law and Techniques Eddie Freyer
Instructor Certification Program Eddie Freyer
Instructor Development Institute (IDI) Charles Evans
Instructor Symposium Charles Evans
Instructor Quality Assessment Program Tamara Baarts
Killing of Peace Officers (Center for Officer Safety Research) Charles Evans
Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted (LEOKA) Janna Munk
Mental Health Training Janna Munk
Model Respiratory Protection Program for Law Enforcement Steve Craig
Museum of Tolerance (MOT) Charles Evans
POST Guidelines April Crume
Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy Charles Evans
Proficiency Certificates: Charles Evans (AICP)
Eddie Fryer (ICI)
Racial Profiling Charles Evans
Regional Skills Training Centers (RSTC) Tamara Baarts
Sexual Assault Training Guidelines Eddie Freyer
Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Training Eddie Freyer
Training Simulators: Driving Training
  • Force Options/Firearms Simulator
  • Technology Applications/Skill Facilities
Tamara Baarts / Steve Craig