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Training Administrators Course

The Training Administrator’s Course (TAC) is designed for newly assigned training administrators and administrative staff who coordinate the certification and presentation of POST courses via the POST Electronic Data Interchange System (EDI).  Presented by POST staff, the course offers practical orientation to the responsibilities of a course administrator and the usage of EDI. The course covers the entire certification process, relevant POST procedures and regulations, and provides information to establish and administer POST certified courses in the EDI program.

POST offers the course in various locations around the state.  The 12-hour course is conducted over the period of two days (eight hours on day one, and four hours on day two) to allow for the first and last day travel, requiring only two nights of lodging.

Due to limited enrollment, each agency may request enrollment for one attendee per session.  A request for enrollment is not an automatic admission to the course; the POST Regional Consultant must approve and prioritize requests from the consultant's agencies. To submit a request to attend the course, access the POST Training Administrator's Course Request.