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Training Video Program Guides

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Achieving Training Excellence

Active Shooter

Animal Cruelty

Anti-Reproductive Rights Crimes

Autism Recognition and Response

Bailiff Training

Bias and Racial Profiling

Body Worn Cameras

Building a Career Pipeline 2012

Building a Career Pipeline Update 2014

California Public Records Act

Child Sexual Abuse Exploitation

Community Oriented Policing Update

Coroners Roles and Responsibilities

Credible Leadership

Critical Incident Management_SEMS_NIMS

Crowd Management, Intervention and Control

Custodial and Courtroom Security

Cyber Exploitation


Dispatchers: Career Resiliency

Dispatchers: Suspicious Activity Report

Dog Encounters: Keeping Officers Safe

Domestic Terrorism Update

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Tribal Communities

Drug Endangered Children

Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

Electronic and Projectile Weapons

End of Life Option Act

Enforcement of Environmental Laws

Engaging the Muslim Community

Ethical Decision Making

Everyday Leadership

Extradition Procedures

Fear and Anger Mastering the Hidden Enemy

Fusion Center

Gangs and Drugs, Dealing with Gang Members

Gangs and Drugs, How Gangs Operate

Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes: Identification and Investigation

Hearsay Testimony

High Tech Crimes and Digital Evidence

Homegrown Islamic Terrorism

Homelessness and Policing: A Collaborative Approach

Homemade Explosives

Homicide Investigation

Human Trafficking

Illegal Street Racing and Sideshow Activities

Incident Supervision

Initial Response to Critical Incidents

Intelligence Process

Interrogation Techniques

Interview Techniques

Interview and Interrogation

Investigations Within Mental Health Facilities

Leadership and Supervision

Legal Actions Involving Peace Officers

Legal Aspects of Terrorism

Legal Aspects of Terrorism Update

Marijuana Initiative

Mental Health: Responding to Individuals in Crisis

Missing Persons Investigations

News Media Relations

Officer in Charge

Officer Wellness

Policing Indian Lands

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury

Preliminary Investigation

Preventing LE Officer Suicide

Prisoner Security

Protecting Our Transportation Systems

Public Health Emergencies

Qualities of a Good FTO


Radicalization Countermeasures

Response to Improvised Explosive Devices

Responsibility for Children when Parents Arrested

State Threat Assessment System

Sexual Assault Investigation

SIDS Law Enforcement Response to

Social Media

Sovereign Citizen Extremists


Strategic Communications

Stress Management

Supporting Returning Military LE Personnel

Surviving Deadly Assaults

Surviving Deadly Assaults 2014

SWAT Operations

SWAT Update: Command and Control

Tactical Communications

Terrorism Intelligence Update

Terrorism Intelligence Update 2013

Terrorism Legal Aspects of

Terrorism Suicide Bombers

Training Officer Skills

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Use of Force: Totality of the Circumstances

Youth Violence Update