CSB Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Elayne Anderson Web Designer (916) 227-4861 Elayne.Anderson@post.ca.gov
Mark Bernal Programmer Analyst (916) 227-4833 Mark.Bernal@post.ca.gov
Ron Davis Systems Analyst (916) 227-0103 Ron.Davis@post.ca.gov
Ted Fitzpatrick Systems Analyst (916) 227-6498 Ted.Fitzpatrick@post.ca.gov
Maria Goshop EDI/Learning Portal Support Representative (916) 227-4858 Maria.Goshop@post.ca.gov
Mariafe Guintu EDI/Learning Portal Support Representative (916) 227-8686 Mariafe.Guintu@post.ca.gov
Marsha Hong Help Desk Support (916) 227-3894 Marsha.Hong@post.ca.gov
John Huynh Help Desk Support (916) 227-4886 John.Huynh@post.ca.gov
Vanna Le Programmer Analyst (916) 227-2411 Vanna.Le@post.ca.gov
Julie McGregor Document Analyst (916) 227-4848 Julie.McGregor@post.ca.gov
Frances Melendez Graphic Artist (916) 227-4875 Frances.Melendez@post.ca.gov
Vicki Nelson Programmer Analyst (916) 227-4827 Vicki.Nelson@post.ca.gov
Colin O'Keefe Bureau Chief (916) 227-4804 Colin.OKeefe@post.ca.gov
Linda Sabella Network Administrator/ISO (916) 227-4807 Linda.Sabella@post.ca.gov
Satnam Sarai Programmer Analyst (916) 227-1263 Satnam.Sarai@post.ca.gov
Alex Voong Help Desk Support (916) 227-4839 Alex.Voong@post.ca.gov
Kaden Wang Programmer Analyst (916) 227-4857 Kaden.Wang@post.ca.gov

CSB Functions

Topic Bureau Contact
Agency Profiles - TMS Mariafe Guintu
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Colin O'Keefe
Control Agency Documents Colin O'Keefe
EDI Sign-Up Process Maria Goshop / Mariafe Guintu
Information Security Officer (ISO) Linda Sabella
Law Enforcement Employment (Job) Opportunities (POST Website) Elayne Anderson
Notices of Appointment/Termination
- Completion of
- Questions about
Maria Goshop
POST Website
- Content
- Questions
Elayne Anderson
Testing Management and Assessment System (TMAS)
- Technical Calls
Linda Sabella
Training Records (POST Database) Maria Goshop