Recruitment and Retention Best Practices

Update April 2006

The POST Recruitment and Retention Best Practices Update (pdf) addresses the rapidly changing environment in which law enforcement leaders are finding themselves. More leadership attention in workforce management is needed if executives are to successfully recruit and retain staff, while meeting the needs of the community as it grows and becomes more diversified. This report provides information and resources to assist law enforcement in addressing recruitment and retention issues. It updates best practices for agencies to consider to improve recruitment and retention.

Specifically, this report:

  • Provides a snapshot of current and projected changes in population demographics in addition to the implications these changes may have for law enforcement.
  • Identifies hiring trends and potential competition for qualified candidates both within and outside the profession.
  • Provides survey results of academy recruits to determine where they had difficulty in the selection process, what led them to choose a specific agency for employment, what recruitment strategies worked to attract them and more.
  • Identifies trends in national recruitment strategies.
  • Provides survey results of agency representatives who attended the 2001 Recruitment Symposium indicating to what extent new strategies were implemented as a result of attending the symposium.
  • Reports the outcome of focus groups comprised of subject matter experts, largely outside of the law enforcement profession, to identify best practices in recruitment and retention.
  • Highlights strategies developed by participants who attended the Recruitment and Retention
    Symposium 2005 – Developing Winning Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Highlights specific best practices.