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Background / Hiring

The forms provided below may be used in conjunction with the selection requirements specified in Commission Regulations.

Agencies may request “unprotected” versions of these forms for agency-specific use only. Requests for unprotected versions of the forms, as well as administrative questions about the forms, should be directed to the POST Forms Manager.

Substantive questions about these forms should be directed to Melani Singley of the Standards, Evaluation, and Research Bureau at (916) 227-4258.

Tabbed Dividers for Organizing Background Reports

Tabbed dividers for organizing background reports of peace officers and public safety dispatchers are available and may be ordered from Jarilyn Jones at (916) 227-4870. In the request please state the type of order request, police officer, dispatcher, or both sets; how many sets needed and the agency name, physical mailing address, and contact information.

Name of Form
2-253    Medical Examination Report – Peace Officer
(doc, 418 KB)
2-265    Medical Examination Report – Public Safety Dispatcher
(doc, 222 KB)
2-252    Medical History Statement – Peace Officer
(pdf, 589 KB)
2-264    Medical History Statement – Public Safety Dispatcher
(pdf, 386 KB)
2-251    Personal History Statement – Peace Officer
(doc, 2 MB)
2-255    Personal History Statement – Public Safety Dispatcher
(doc, 1 MB)


It is the joint responsibility of the employing department and the employee (peace officers, reserve officers, dispatchers, and record supervisors) to apply for the award of a POST professional certificate. Links to the application forms are provided below. A form is also available for lost or destroyed certificates. For information on certificate requirements for all categories, please see Regulation 1011.

Name of Form
2-117    Application for Award of POST Records Supervisor Certificate
(doc, 288 KB)
2-256    Application for Award of POST Reserve Officer Certificate
(doc, 311 KB)
2-116    Certificate Application
(doc, 335 KB)
2-289    Certificate Application - Public Safety Dispatcher
(doc, 293 KB)
2-250    Request for Reissuance of POST Certificate
(doc, 261 KB)


Course Certification and Presentation

Name of Form
2-111    Course Roster
(pdf, 139 KB)
2-112    Instructor Resume Worksheet (doc, 168 KB) 12/12
2-124   Self-Paced Training Course Certification Request (pdf, 31 KB) 08/06
2-125   Self-Paced Training Course Developer Resume (pdf, 101 KB) 08/06

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System Access Applications

Employees of POST participating departments or presenter training entities desiring access to POST’s secure system for POST transactions and reports, may apply for access by completing the appropriate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) access application.

Name of Form
3-101    Electronic Data Interchange Access Application
(doc, 303 KB)
3-102    Electronic Data Interchange Presenter Access Application (doc, 289 KB) 09/11

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system allows POST-participating agencies and course presenters to submit and process information to POST via a secure website. The system also provides users with immediate access to various reports. Three functions are currently available through EDI:

* Notice Of Appointment/Termination (NOAT): Agencies may submit notices of appointment and termination transactions and generate agency reports through the EDI system. Using the EDI system eliminates the need to mail hardcopy forms to POST. Please complete an Electronic Data Interchange Access Application (doc) for each person requesting access to the system. Signatures of the applicant and the agency's chief executive or his/her authorized designee are required on the application.

* Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI): The SBSLI function within the EDI system allows agencies to pre-check potential candidates for SBSLI eligibility and to submit SBSLI applications online to POST during the open application period. Please complete an Electronic Data Interchange Access Application (doc) for each person requesting access to the system. Signatures of the applicant and the agency's chief executive or his/her authorized designee are required on the application.

* Course Certification Access (includes Presenter Course Reports) : Through EDI, POST presenters may now complete and submit course certification packages online. The Presenter Course Reports (information about courses offered, status of rosters and presentation dates and locations) are included in this access. Similar information is available through the course catalog. If you had presenter access prior to November, 2006, and you will not be writing or submitting course certification packages, you do not have to re-apply. If your functions include reading and writing or submitting the course certification package, you will need to apply for your EDI Course Certification account and password.

Please visit Electronic Data Interchange Access Application (doc) to complete and submit the revised EDI-Presenter Access application to POST. Signatures of the applicant and the executive responsible for training are required on the application. If you need help with the application process, or if you experience technical difficulties, you may email or call Maria Goshop at (916) 227-4858.

Learning Portal Administrator Request

Name of Form
2-339    Learning Portal Administrator Request
(doc, 309 KB)

Notice of Appointment / Termination

POST participating departments are required by Regulation 1003 to notify POST of employment transactions of their department involving peace officers, reserve peace officers, dispatchers, and records supervisors. Departments with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) access should complete their transactions using the EDI system. Departments without EDI access need to send in a completed Notice of Appointment/Termination (NOA/T) form. Regulation 1003(a)(1) also allows for corrections to be made to records using this form.

Name of Form
2-114    Notice of Appointment/Termination (pdf) (pdf, 64 KB) 02/13

POST Profile Request

The form provided below may be used by an individual making a request for a POST record (individual certificate, employment, and training history). There are specific procedures and confidentiality policies that apply to such requests. For more information, please see the Profile FAQs section.

Name of Form
2-126    POST Profile Request
(pdf, 188 KB)


Forms provided in this section may be used in conjunction with various training programs, including training reimbursement. Additionally there are forms for requesting a waiver of basic training and a form for requesting a waiver of the Management Course prerequisite.

Name of Form
2-268    Field Management Training - Application
(doc, 249 KB)
2-123    Competency Verification Checklist
(doc, 138 KB)
2-257    Field Management Training - Evaluation Report
(doc, 254 KB)
PC 832 Arrest Methods Competency Test Forms    
2-108    Management Course Prerequisite Waiver Application
(pdf, 37 KB)
2-229    POST-Approved Field Training Application
(pdf, 218 KB)
2-230    Field Training Program Approval Checklist
(pdf,  237 KB)
2-213    Non POST-Certified Training Notification
(docx, 63 KB)
2-122    Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute Enrollment Application
(doc, 224 KB)
2-273    Training Reimbursement Request
(pdf fill, 526 KB)

Basic Course Waiver and Requalification

Name of Form
Basic Course Waiver Application Process
(pdf, 87 KB)
2-267    Basic Course Waiver Application Form (doc, 209 KB) 04/11


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