Data Warehouse

The data presented is a snapshot of California's law enforcement and public safety agency statistics and demographics in relation to age, ethnicity, gender, training accomplishments and employment. The data is presented in real-time, refreshing every 24-hours,  and is based upon reporting provided to POST by the local law enforcement agencies.  

Law Enforcement Agency Public Complaint

The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) shall accept complaints from members of the public against a California peace officer who is appointed pursuant to Penal Code Section 830.1, 830.2 with the exception of subdivision (d), 830.3, 830.32, or 830.33. Complaints received from the public will be forwarded to the employing agency for investigation and disposition.

In Memoriam

A memorial honoring our recent fallen law enforcement officers. Thank you for your service.

POST Correspondence

Repository of Press Releases and CPRA Requests for Release of Peace Officer Information.

POST OpenData

In compliance with SB 978, POST has made available through this website all presenter course content, unless the material falls within an applicable exemption under the Public Records Act. 


Assembly Bill No. 332 Research Report

2021 (pdf)

Peace Officer Training Annual Report

Penal Code 13503.5 Annual Report on Training for Law Enforcement