Public Complaints

The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) shall accept complaints from members of the public against a California peace officer who is appointed pursuant to Penal Code Section 830.1, 830.2 with the exception of subdivision (d), 830.3, 830.32, or 830.33. Complaints received from the public will be forwarded to the employing agency for investigation and disposition. Each law enforcement agency in California is required by Penal Code section 832.5 to establish a procedure to investigate complaints. You can obtain a written description of the procedures from the law enforcement agency.

POST can only conduct investigations into allegations of serious misconduct that could lead to the decertification of a peace officer in California. POST does not have the authority to conduct criminal investigations or administrative investigations which may lead to agency discipline.

If you choose to file a complaint with POST, it is important you provide as much information as possible so the complaint can be properly addressed. 

If you are alleging a California peace officer committed a crime and your complaint is not resolved by the agency, you should contact the district attorney in the county where the law enforcement agency is located or the California Department of Justice.


File a complaint against a local law enforcement agency.