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Public Hearing

Watch the recorded Public Hearing on Regulation 1005 - District Attorney Investigators

Bulletin 2021-43 Now Available

New Guideline: Elder and Dependent Abuse Guidelines. Read Bulletin 2021-43

Commission Meeting
December 8-9, 2021

The next Commission Meeting will be held at Commission on POST in West Sacramento, CA

Bulletin 2021-44 Now Available

Amendment to Regulations and Commission Procedures. Read Bulletin 2021-44

Bulletin 2021-45 Now Available

Changes to Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Certificate of Achievement

Bulletin 2021-40 Now Available

Amend Distance Learning Course Certification Regulations 1001, 1052, and 1053. Read Bulletin 2021-40

Bulletin 2021-41 is Now Available

Amendment to Regulation 1005, Basic Course Waiver Forms. Read Bulletin 2021-41

Bulletin 2021-42 is Now Available

Amendment to Testing and Notification Requirements for Basic Course Presenters. Read Bulletin 2021-42

September POST Monthly Report

The Report is now available

New Guideline Available: Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

Read the new guideline available now

California Governor

Gavin Newsom

Portrait of Governor

Image of California Governor's Seal

Executive Director

Manuel Alvarez Jr.

Portrait of Director

Image of CA POST Badge

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