Obtain Your POST ID


To obtain your POST ID, please complete the following.

Access Your Training Dashboard With Your POST ID:

With your POST ID instantly check your POST Continuing Professional Training (CPT) and Perishable Skills (PS) training status.

  • Click the Sign In button at the top right-hand corner of this page
  • If you have not already created a PASS account, please create one
  • Once you have created your PASS account you must link your POST ID to your PASS account
  • Then sign in with your new PASS credentials
  • Once signed in, click on Training, then click on My Training Status

A report listing all courses satisfying your current compliance cycle will be generated highlighting:

  • Unmet CPT training
  • Unmet PS training

The Compliance Dashboard allows individual officers to view and monitor their own training compliance, and to locate readily-available training courses. The Compliance Dashboard is available using a regular PC, as well as via iPads and smartphones through the POST Website.

The Interactive Course Catalog allows officers to select from more than 2,500 courses offered by over 800 presenters. The Catalog can target courses in close proximity to the officer's agency, search by topic, pin-point offerings on a Google map, and provide course details and presenter contact information.