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Instructor Development Institute

The Instructor Development Institute (IDI) is the newest POST institute. It was approved in 2007 by the POST Commission. It’s purpose is to "provide multi-level, multi-track programs to develop professionalism in the delivery of law enforcement instruction."

The IDI provides a tiered approach to law enforcement instructor development; from basic academy and entry-level instructor skills through Master Instructor. Each tier, or level, builds on and enhances the skills learned at the previous level. The design, development, and delivery of instruction at the basic and intermediate levels is being done by the Napa Valley College under the leadership and guidance of Greg Miraglia and Todd Dischinger. The design, development, and delivery of the advanced and master levels (levels 3 and 4) is being done by the San Diego Regional Training Center (SDRTC) under the leadership and guidance of Mike Gray and Marisa McCullough. Larry Ellsworth and Sue Oliviera oversee and manage the IDI for POST.

The IDI Website details all aspects of the program, has a complete schedule of courses and offerings and also provides information on how to join the secure IDI extranet, which allows instructors around the state to share outlines, lesson plans, multi-media presentations and more.