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Agency Statistics

Total Employment

Total employment at all POST agencies in California, including the total number of separations and the agencies eligible for reimbursement.  


POST captures data as reported by the local law enforcement agency when an officer resigns, retires, or is discharged from duty for any reason other than resignation or retirement. POST, by law, does not capture any other separation reason. The data displays separations by year and by agency. It also compares new appointments and separations by year.  

Reimbursable Agencies

POST provides financial reimbursement for training to California peace officers through the POST Training Reimbursement Program. This program is to encourage and assist local law enforcement agencies to meet and maintain standards in the selection and training of law enforcement officers and dispatchers. The data displays which agencies are qualified. Note: Agencies listed with (OBS) are now obsolete agencies.

Annual Report on Training for Law Enforcement

This annual report provides information as required per Penal Code §13503.5 on the overall effectiveness of any additional funding appropriated by the Legislature on or after July 1, 2019, in improving peace officer training. 

This report will provide the Legislature and other interested parties with information on the number of peace officers trained by law enforcement agency, by which course taken and how the training was delivered (online or in-person). It also includes the descriptions of the courses taken, the duration of the course and the skills addressed in the training.