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California Penal Code (PC) and Government Code (GC)

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Local Law Enforcement Accreditation

  • PC 13550 Definition
  • PC 13551 Regulations and Professional Standards
  • PC 13552 Participation in Program
  • PC 13553 Standards May Exceed Minimum Accreditation Standards

POST Operations and Programs

  • PC 13500 Existence of Commission; Membership; Qualifications; Appointment; Terms
  • PC 13501 Chairperson and Vice-chairperson; Quorum
  • PC 13502 Compensation; Reimbursement for Travel Expenses
  • PC 13503 Powers
  • PC 13504 Assistance in Execution of Duties
  • PC 13505 Costs of Administration
  • PC 13506 Regulations
  • PC 13507 District Defined
  • PC 13508 Learning Technology Laboratory; Pilot Projects, Implementation Plan; Report
  • PC 13510.1 Certification Program; Purpose; Requirements; Application; Cancellation of Certificates
  • PC 13510.2 Misuse of Certificates; Misdemeanor; Punishment
  • PC 13510.3 Records Supervisors; Voluntary Professional Certification Program; Standards
  • PC 13510.5 Rules of Minimum Standards; Certain Peace Officers
  • PC 13511 Place of Training; Alternative Means of Satisfying Training Requirement
  • PC 13511.3 Approval of Pertinent Training Completed by Any Jurisdiction's Officers
  • PC 13511.5 Certification of No Criminal History from Department of Justice; Controlling Concealed Firearms
  • PC 13513 Counseling Service
  • PC 13540 Designation as Peace Officers; Study; Fee
  • PC 13541 Scope of Study
  • PC 13542 Agency Requirements; Study Results; Recommendations; Submission to Legislature

Peace Officers' Training Fund and Allocation

  • PC 1464 State Penalties on Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures; Waiver; Deposit in Fund; Distribution to Peace Officers' Training Fund
  • PC 13520 Creation; Appropriation
  • PC 13522 Application for Aid; Contents
  • PC 13523 Allocations to Cities and to Counties
  • PC 13524 Application for Aid; Training of Inspectors and Investigators of District Attorney's Office
  • PC 13525 Application for State Aid; Training of Certain Local Public Safety Dispatchers
  • PC 13526 Agency Not Entitled to Allocation as of Dec. 31, 1989
  • PC 13526.1 Port Wardens and Special Officers of the Harbor Department of Los Angeles; Entitlement to Funding from the Peace Officers' Training Fund
  • PC 13526.2 Housing Authority, Los Angeles/Oakland Police Dept., Entitlement to Funding

Standards for Selection and Training

  • GC 1029 Conviction of Felony as Disqualification for Peace Officer
  • GC 1030 Fingerprinting of Peace Officers
  • GC 1031 Public Officers or Employees Having Powers of Peace Officers; Minimum Standards
  • GC 1031.5 Peace Officer Citizenship Requirements
  • GC 24004.3 Sheriff; Eligibility Criteria; Grandfather Rights
  • PC 832 Course of Training Prescribed by Commission on Peace Officer Standards and; Necessity to Exercise Powers; Exemptions
  • PC 832.1 Airport Security Personnel; Training Course
  • PC 832.15 Peace Officer Applicants; Restrictions on Firearm Possession; Notification to State or Local Agency
  • PC 832.16 Peace Officers Authorized to Carry Firearms; Restrictions on Firearm Possession, Notification to State or Local Agency
  • PC 832.2 School Police Reserve Officers; Training
  • PC 832.25 Welfare Fraud Investigations or Inspectors; Appointment as Peace Officers; Completion of Specialized Investigators Basic Course
  • PC 832.3 Training as Prerequisite to Exercise of Peace Officer Powers; Training Proficiency Testing Program; School Police Officer Training Requirements
  • PC 832.4 Standards and Training, Basic Certificate for Certain Peace Officers; Employment after January 1, 1974; Employment after January 1, 1988
  • PC 832.6 Deputies or Appointees as Reserve or Auxiliary Officers; Powers of Peace Officer; Conditions
  • PC 832.7 Personnel Records; Confidentiality; Discovery; Exceptions; Complaint Disposition Notification
  • PC 832.8 Personnel Records
  • PC 872 Order Holding Defendant to Answer; Probable Cause; Basis of Finding
  • PC 13510 Rules of Minimum Standards; Adoption; Amendment
  • PC 13510.5 Rules of Minimum Standards; Certain Peace Officers
  • PC 13511 Place of Training; Testing in Lieu of Attendance at Training Academy or College
  • PC 13511.5 Certification of No Criminal History from Department of Justice; Controlling Concealable Firearms
  • PC 13512 Adherence to Standards
  • PC 13514 Use of Tear Gas
  • PC 13514.5 Training of Law Enforcement Officers, Handing of Acts of Civil Disobedience; Guidelines; Implementation; Legislative Intent
  • PC 13515 Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Training Course; Required for Police Officers or Deputy Sheriffs; Contents; Conditions
  • PC 13515.25 Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill Persons; Law Enforcement Interaction; Training Course
  • PC 13515.55 High Technology Crimes and Computer-Seizure Training Requirement
  • PC 13516 Sexual Assault Cases; Standard Investigative Procedures; Training; Legislative Intent
  • PC 13517 Child Abuse or Neglect; Procedures for Detection, Investigation, Response and Interviewing Children; Training Courses; Specialists
  • PC 13517.5 Minor Witnesses; Interview Procedures
  • PC 13518 First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Exclusion of Certain Personnel
  • PC 13518.1 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Manual Masks and Airway Assemblies
  • PC 13519 Domestic Violence Complaints; Training Course and Guidelines for Handling; Requirements, Response to Terrorism
  • PC 13519.05 Stalking; Training Course and Guidelines
  • PC 13519.1 Missing Person and Runaway; Training Course and Guidelines
  • PC 13519.2 Persons with Developmental Disabilities or Mental Illness; Training Course and Guidelines
  • PC 13519.3 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; Training; Investigation; Fee
  • PC 13519.4 Racial and Cultural Diversity Training
  • PC 13519.5 Gang and Drug Law Enforcement; Training
  • PC 13519.6 Hate Crimes; Training Courses and Guidelines
  • PC 13519.7 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; Complaint Guidelines and Training
  • PC 13519.8 High Speed Vehicle Pursuits; Training Courses and Guidelines
  • PC 13519.12 Establishment of Training Standards/Course -- Includes Criteria for Curriculum Content Recommended by Emergency Response Training Advisory Committee; Delivery of Training to Personnel; Persons to Receive Training
  • PC 13519.14 Course or Courses of Instruction for Training of Law Enforcement Officers in the Handling of Human Trafficking Complaints; Guidelines
  • PC 14304 Peace Officer Environmental Laws Training

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