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Peace Officer Certification Actions


The commission shall publish the names of any peace officer whose certification is suspended or revoked and the basis for the suspension or revocation.

*"Last Employing Agency" is not necessarily the reporting agency or the agency where the serious misconduct occurred.

**List is updated weekly on Monday mornings. Holidays may delay the weekly update. The last updated date can be found in the footer (bottom) of the webpage.        


Decertification Type Definitions

Ineligible - An individual has been disqualified from eligibility to be a peace officer based on a disqualifying event as set forth in Government Code section 1029.

Revoked - The peace officer has been decertified and may not exercise the duties and powers of a peace officer.  A revocation is permanent, and the certification shall not be reactivated.

Voluntary Surrender or Surrender - A person who holds a certificate issued by the commission, knowingly and willingly, returns the certificate to the commission, forfeiting all rights and privileges associated with that certificate. A “surrender” has the same effect of a revocation in that it cannot be reactivated.

Immediate Temporary Suspension or Temporary Suspension - The immediate suspension of a peace officer’s certification, pending the outcome of an investigation related to allegations of serious misconduct, pursuant to Penal Code section 13510.8(d). The “temporary suspension” may be issued under the following circumstances:

  • when a peace officer is arrested or indicted for a felony or other crime listed in GC§ 1029,
  • when a peace officer is discharged from a law enforcement agency for serious misconduct, or
  • when a peace officer has separated from employment as a peace officer during a pending investigation into allegations of serious misconduct.
  • The temporary suspension remains in effect until either a final determination is made by the Commission or the Executive Director withdraws the “temporary suspension” if a withdrawal is deemed to be warranted.

Suspension - a disciplinary action of the Commission wherein a peace officer certification has been suspended for a specified period of time, not to exceed three years. A peace officer whose certification has been suspended may not be assigned duties which include the exercise of peace officer powers.



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