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  • Webinar (A webinar is synchronously facilitated training that is delivered via the internet. It is considered an instructor-led course for the purposes of certification through EDI)

    Self-paced (Self-paced training is defined by POST as any training in which there is no instructor. Certified courses may be approved in hourly increments of at least one hour or more. An example of self-paced training is a web-based training)

    Blended learning (“Blended Learning” is a learning event that combines the use of two or more independent media (e.g., the Web/Internet and the classroom). In a blended learning environment, students complete part of the training via the Web as either instructor-led or self-paced training. The remainder of the training is accomplished in the classroom or other venue in the presence of instructors and other students)

  • Regulation 1015, Reimbursement Plan