Basic Course Test Security Requirements

Commission Regulation 1059 requires basic course presenters submit a test administration and security policy and Test Use and Security Agreement as part of the course certification process. Prior to approval of the course, or gaining access to any secure POST-developed test material, basic course presenters must agree to the terms of the POST Basic Courses Test Use and Security Agreement. Moreover, all persons who come into contact with any confidential POST-developed test material must sign a form through which they acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the terms of this agreement. 

Additionally, the test administration and security policy must conform to the policy requirements outlined in the POST Test Management and Security Protocols. A copy of every presenter’s policy must be sent to Jennifer Hardesty.

When there is a change in Academy Director, Modular Format Coordinator, or PC 832 Program Coordinator, the agreement currently on file is no longer valid and the new individual must submit the POST Basic Courses Test Use and Security Agreement with his/her Signature. 

As required by the Security Agreement, POST must be kept informed of the designees responsible for the security of POST-developed test materials including acquisition, handling, storage, administration, and destruction. Whenever there is a change in the status of a designee, POST must be notified as soon as possible.