Course Details

Course TitleUsing the DSM-5 for Revolutionizing Diagnosis & Treatment
Date 2/21/2014
ProviderPESI Continuing Education Seminars
LocationRancho Cordova
Credit Hours6
Instructor(s)Brooks Baer, MA, LCPC, CMHP
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus DSM-5 Feb 2014 brochure.pdf

Course Description

This seminar will guide you through the dramatic changes and the implications for all practitioners.

Course Objectives

<div>• Summarize the new DSM-5® organizational structure.</div><div>• Develop a better understanding of diagnosing children and adolescents.</div><div>• explore the exact nature of the proposed trauma disorders.</div><div>• Describe the controversies involving the new proposed paraphilias and forensic&nbsp;</div><div>evaluations.&nbsp;</div><div>• examine the DSM-5®’s expanded and comprehensive approach to suicide and self-injury.</div><div>• Describe what was proposed for a possible new approach to personality disorders.</div>