Course Details

Course TitlePsychological Testing for Law Enforcement
Date 1/8/2014
ProviderCalHR Psychological Screening Program (Jo Danti, Ph.D.)
LocationSan Diego, CA
Credit Hours12
Instructor(s)Drs. Yossef Ben-Porath, Mike Roberts, and Jo Danti
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyCPA
Course Syllabus 2014 Training Schedule.docx

Course Description

Utilization of psychological testing in pre-screening of law enforcement candidates

Course Objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Increased ability to interpret psychological testing results for both normal/adaptive and abnormal/maladaptive personality traits and behaviors in the psychological assessment of law enforcement candidates. 2. Increased ability to analyze testing results based on law enforcement norms. 3. Increased ability to use psychological testing for the purpose of developing recommendations of psychological suitability regarding potential law enforcement officers. 4. Ability to address and assess psychological testing results with consideration to cultural/racial and gender differences.