Course Details

Course TitleReport Writing for Law Enforcement Psychological Screenings
Date 5/14/2014
ProviderEwing Psychological Center
LocationRancho Cucamonga
Credit Hours6.5
Instructor(s)Gerry Sumprer, Ph.D.
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving Agency---
Course Syllabus CDCR CE Course Outline.doc

Course Description

The purpose of this one-day, 6.5 hour, workshop is to help experienced psychologists to improve their report writing on the suitability/unsuitability of law enforcement pre-employment applicants. The course will provide an overview of the POST ten dimensions for Correctional and Law Enforcement Officers, interpretation of the MMPI-2 and 16PF as it relates to law enforcement and the selection/suitability of candidates, and how to effectively summarize the candidates’ suitability or unsuitability outcome for Correctional and Law Enforcement applicants. Upon completion of this workshop, the attending psychologist will have a better understanding of what an independent reviewer looks for in the psychological pre-employment report and how to effectively assess and screen for mental health issues that may impact occupational success for Correctional and Law Enforcement personnel.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the attendant will be able to: • Explain the ten POST dimensions and how it relates to the selection process for Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers. • Discuss the relevance of the MMPI-2 and 16PF profiles for structuring interview questions and how job performance relate to personality traits. • State the rationale for either deeming the pre-employment applicant as suitable or unsuitable for the hiring process. • Demonstrate effective report writing abilities and how to structure the report for pre-employment Law Enforcement/Correctional Officer reports. • Explain cultural differences and its impacts of MMPI-2 interpretation and clinical profiles.