Course Details

Course TitleDefensible Assessments for Evaluating Public Safety Candidates
Date 6/21/2012
Credit Hours1
Method of InstructionVirtual (Synchronous/Live)
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

Earn CE credit as you gain insight into using quality, defensible assessments as part of the candidate evaluation process. IPAT’s complimentary, one-hour webinar includes specific interpretation guidelines for the new Inwald Personality Inventory-2 (IPI-2), the 16PF Protective Services Report (PSR), and the Protective Services Report Plus (PSR Plus).

Course Objectives

Identify what constitutes a legally-defensible psychological test for evaluating public safety candidates. • Evaluate the defensibility of the psychological tests they currently use or are considering when assessing public safety candidates. • Explain how IPAT's Protective Services Report (PSR), Protective Services Report Plus (PSR Plus), and Inwald Personality Inventory-2 (IPI-2) are consistent with professional ethical guidelines and federal employment laws which govern this clinical assessment process. • Identify the utility of the PSR, PSR Plus, and IPI-2 instruments as well as correctly interpret test results.