Course Details

Course TitleIntroduction to MMPI-2-RF
Date 1/30/2015
Credit Hours12
Instructor(s)Dr. Yossef Ben-Porath
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus MMPI-2_RF Workshop Alhambra Jan 30 2015.pdf

Course Description

<p>This introductory workshop is designed for graduate students and professionals with little or no familiarity with the MMPI® instruments. The overall learning objective is to provide attendees with the foundation needed to use the MMPI-2-RF in a competent manner. To register contact: Aubrie DeBear - adebear(at)

Course Objectives

Identify the historical foundations of the MMPI-2-RF; Articulate the rationale for revising the MMPI-2; Delineate the constructs assessed by the Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales; Delineate the constructs assessed by the MMPI-2-RF Restructured Substantive Scales; Delineate the constructs assessed by the MMPI-2-RF Validity Scales; Follow standard administration and scoring procedures with the MMPI-2-RF; Utilize the MMPI-2-RF Score and Interpretive Reports; Interpret the MMPI-2-RF Validity Scales; Interpret the MMPI-2-RF Substantive Scales; Use comparison groups in MMPI-2-RF interpretation.