Course Details

Course TitlePOST Psychological Screening Workshop
Date 7/16/2015
ProviderCommission on POST
Phone(916) 970-4334
Credit Hours22
Instructor(s)Yossef Ben-Porath, Nelson Chan, David M. Corey, Sharon Rennert, Michael Roberts, Susan Saxe-Clifford, Shelley Weiss Spilberg, Michael Stowers
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyCPA
Course Syllabus July CPE Workshop Flyer.pdf

Course Description

This self-study course will require the individual to read and be familiar with the POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual. The Manual provides guidance on all phases and aspects of the psychological evaluation process from the selection and training of screening psychologists, to procedures for reaching a suitability determination and beyond. POST is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. POST maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Course Objectives

Describe the statutory and regulatory requirements that dictate the procedures and criteria used in the pre-employment screening of peace officers. Discuss the competencies and responsibilities of peace officer screening psychologists. Use the POST Psychological Screening Dimensions as criteria for evaluating the psychological suitability of candidates. Follow the procedure for conducting pre-employment psychological evaluations that is consistent with federal and state requirements and professional guidelines. Evaluate written personality and psychological assessments for validity, reliability and other important psychometric properties, as well as overall usefulness for provided job-relevant information. Discuss the acquisition and use of personal history in the psychological evaluation. Discuss the acquisition and use of candidate information during the clinical interview. Discuss an effective way to integrate test data, personal history information, treatment records and interview data to arrive at a decision of peace officer candidate psychological suitability.