Course Details

Course TitleCalHR Annual (2015) Conference - Part I
Date 7/13/2015
ProviderCalHR/Psychological Screening Program
Credit Hours3
Instructor(s)Drs. David Steinberger and John Meyer
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyCPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

A two-day course will provide participants with the opportunity to observe and discuss aspects of the personality characteristics necessary for success of peace officer and dispatcher trainees. Subject matter experts, including instructors, trainers, and management of both the California Highway Patrol Academy and the Public Safety Dispatcher Academy and Dispatch Communication Center will provide information and answer questions regarding the demands and the expectations for cadets and dispatchers as well as the personality characteristics that are needed to perform those job functions. Three cases will be presented for the purpose of highlighting the issues regarding excessive alcohol consumption, honesty and integrity, and stress tolerance with reference to Government Code 1031(f). Guest lecturer, Sgt. Carter, will present didactic training regarding the behavioral and verbal cues that have been identified as predictive of dishonesty and lack of forthrightness. Strategies for a structured interview will be discussed and a case sample will be presented.

Course Objectives

Discuss and Analyze Case Studies