Course Details

Course TitlePolice Candidate Evaluations, A-Z: Case Demonstrations
Date 9/10/2015
ProviderAmerican Academy of Forensic Psychology Continuing Education Programs
Phone (855) 226-9412
LocationCincinnati, OH
Credit Hours7
Instructor(s)Dave Corey, PhD, ABPP
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

This practical workshop will demonstrate how to make evidence-based determinations of police officer candidates' psychological suitability using redacted, real-life case materials. Participants will learn a six-step data integration model and have hands-on practice applying the model to comprehensive case materials and integrating findings from the MMPI-2-RF Police Candidate Interpretive Report with data from the background investigation, other personality testing, self-reported history, clinical interview, and mental health records.

Course Objectives

Describe the primary federal statutes underlying the procedural requirements for police psychological assessments;Identify MMPI-2-RF scales and levels with empirical links to job relevant correlates for police officers;Articulate a model for integrating disparate sources of data for purposes of reaching a suitability determination for a police candidate;Explain how a police applicant’s race, gender, and other protected demographic statuses, despite federal law prohibiting their use to adjust test scores in pre-employment testing, can still be appropriately considered in order to avoid discrimination;Describe the structure and rationale for the MMPI-2-RF Police Candidate Interpretive Report;Use evidence-based strategies for interpreting clinically-non-elevated MMPI-2-RF scores of police candidates