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Course TitleSPCP 2015 - An Evaluation of Pre-Employment Background Information and Scale Scores on the MMPI-2 and 16PF of Officers Hired then Subsequently Fired and/or Disciplined
Date 10/1/2015
ProviderSociety for Police and Criminal Psychology (SPCP)
Credit Hours0.25
Instructor(s)Tammy McCoy-Arballo & Nancy Bohl-Penrod
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
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Course Description

A sample of police officers who had been disciplined and or terminated were reviewed to assist in retrospective analysis of hiring. Each officer had been cleared by background and by psychological evaluation procedures. To help determine differences that may exist, a cluster analysis was performed on the two psychological measurements, MMPI-2 and 16PF. Two clusters emerged and the two clusters were then used to provide comparison between officers. Mean score differences between the clusters were found for MMPI-2 (Scales L,K,1,4,8 & 0) and for the 16PF (Scale H). Cluster 2 officers had higher mean score scales on the MMPI-2 L, K, 1,4,8 & 0 scales than Cluster 1. Independent T-Test revealed statistically significant differences of the mean scale scores referenced above. Chi-Square analysis yielded statistically significant frequency differences for pre-hire admissions of use of cocaine, PCP, or methamphetamine, and cheating on exams while in school as well as pre-hire and post-hire citizen complaints and accolades.

Course Objectives