Course Details

Course TitleTestifying in Police & Public Safety Adjudications
Date 2/27/2016
ProviderAmerican Academy of Forensic Psychology Continuing Education Programs
LocationNew Orleans
Credit Hours7
Instructor(s)David Corey, PhD, ABPP
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

This workshop will address psychological testimony in five contexts in which police and public safety adjudications occur most often: civil suits under 42 USC 21 ss 1983, grievance arbitrations, civil suits alleging discrimination (ADA and Title VII), civil service and US Merit Systems Protection Board appeals, and writ of mandamus. The training will focus on the distinguishing legal framework and standards for each context and the role of the psychologist as expert witness versus involved witness in these adjudications.

Course Objectives

<ul><li>Articulate how testimony is properly shaped by the distinguishing legal questions in the five adjudicative contexts covered in the workshop.</li><li>Describe the key elements of persuasive testimony given as an expert of involved witness in these adjudicative contexts.&nbsp;</li><li>Avoid common pitfalls contributing to ineffective testimony in police and public safety psychology.</li><li>Prepare expert opinion reports and affidavits.</li><li>Develop a strategy for defending work performed as a police and public safety psychologist in any adjudicative setting.</li><li>Frame their testimony to best address the issues of concern to the trier of fact.</li><li>Prepare testimony that anticipates the importance of diversity factors (e.g., race, culture, sexual orientation) in issues of relevance to the trier of fact in these adjudicative contexts.</li></ul>